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Radio Show

KPFK/NPR Folk Radio Show - Forgotten Legends of Folk aired January 22, 2011

Featuring George Grove of the Kingston Trio, Art Podell of the New Christy Minstrels, Joe Frazier of the Chad Mitchell Trio and Jim Moran of Chilly Winds

Click here for a great two hour show which includes music and interviews.


Shows and Concerts


May 10, 1980 New England Show

New Kingston Trio at Barney Google's in NYC

April 26, 1971

(This is from an old cassette made at the show. Sound quality is poor but you can make it out.)

Nick Reynolds and John Stewart

Two shows from 1987

The Bottom Line in New York City


San Diego (unknown location)


1987 radio Interview with Nick Reynolds and John Stewart

Kingston Trio Concert from February, 1967 (Bootlegged)

Bob Shane and Bill Zorn Interview from June 1, 2010

Dave Guard and the Whiskeyhill Singers, Hollywood Bowl Concert

Entire Albums

Kingston Trio - Try To Remember (1970 Japanese album)

John Stewart and Nick Reynolds - Four by Two

1967 Kingston Trio Concert at Georgia Tech

Sing A Song With the Kingston Trio, 1963

The World Needs A Melody album, 1973

Single Files

All Thru the Night (Nick Reynolds solo)

American Gold Ad


"Ballad of the Quiet Fighter", live 1963 concert

"Big Ball in Boston", live 1963 concert

"Blowin' In the Wind", live 1963 concert

Bob Shane Interview 1

Bob Shane Interview 2

C'mon Betty Home

Come Gather the Time

Danny Boy (Roger Gambill of the Kingston Trio)

Everybody's Talking - Studio Version

Everybody's Talking - Live Version

Four Strong Winds

Goodnight My Baby (Nick Reynolds solo)

Greenback Dollar - Hoyt Axton

Honey (Bob Shane single)

I Don't Think of You Anymore (Bob Shane single)

I'm Going Home (California) by Chuck Cline, recorded in 1978 at The Purple Onion

I'm Going Home (California) A beautiful tribute to Fantasy Camp 9 by by Fred Grittner

John Stewart/Kingston Trio 1962 promo for Country Music Week

John Stewart Interview - 1984 WBZ Radio, Boston

Johnson Party of Four

July You're A Woman (New Kingston Trio circa 1970)

Kingston Trio Interview (circa 1963 and 'open-ended'))

Lonesomepicker Radio Spot

Lovers - Roger Gambill Solo

Marcelle Vahine - 1957 audition for Capitol Records (original)

Marcell Vahine (with a little more bass)

Michael Stewart (We Five) Interview

Minni Balls

Minoi Song - 1957 Audition Song for Capitol Records(Original)

Minoi Song (With equalization changes)

"More Money For You and Me", The Four Preps (Trio reference)

MTA (German version)

"One More Town" live 1963 concert

"Reverend Mr. Black", live 1963 concert

"Rockin' Anna", John Stewart

"Running Out of Tomorrow's", live 1963 concert

Party Game

Peace Corps Ad, Bob

Peace Corps Ad, John

Peace Corps Ad, Nick

Peace Corps Ad, Trio

Santy Anno

Scotch and Soda - Big Band Version

Simple Gifts (Bob Shane single)

Softly As I Leave You

Sunstorm Radio Spot

Tell the Riverboat Captain

Texas Across the River

The Ballad of Lucy Jordan - Bob Shane (recorded at the Glasser Brothers Studio, Nashville, 1970)

They Love the Night - 1979 recording by Dave Guard

Three Young Men In A Hurry Theme Song

"Thirsty Boots", live 1963 concert

Tom Dooley spoof by The Country Gentlemen

Tom Gets the Last Laugh by The Balladeers

Trio Comedy: Large half hour clip of Trio jokes and comedy patter

Truly Fair (With a great Elvis impersonation by Bob Shane!)

"Two Ten, Six Eighteen", live 1963 concert

Venga Jaleo - September 1957 Audition for Capitol Records (Original)

Venga Jaleo (Cleaned up a little)

Water Boy

Weeping Annaleah (Bob Shane single)

Where Have All the Flowers Gone (A unique, unheard version of this Kingston Trio song)

Where the River Meets the Sea (Fred Grittner's song in honor of John Stewart)

Windy Wakefield

Young Man From Boston Part 1

Young Man From Boston Part 2

Young Man From Boston Part 3

Young Man From Boston Part 4

Young Man From Boston Part 5

Young Man From Boston Part 6

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