1963 Kingston Trio Concert

This is a bootleg of a concert from sometime in 1963. I have no idea of the exact date, nor where it was taped. The quality isn't that great, but if you can get past that, you can relieve the fun of a live show by Nick, Bob and John. Enjoy!

I just found out that this concert might very well be an October 4, 1963 show at the Memorial Coliseum, of the University of Kentucky, in Lexington Kentucky.

First half

Hard, Ain't It Hard

The Wagoners Lad

Bob Talk and tuning

The Reverend Mr. Black

MTA Intro



John Talk

Ballad of the Shape of Things

Big Ball In Boston

Intro of Nick

One More Town

Blowin' In the Wind

Greenback Dollar


Second half

This Little Light

John Hardy

Reuben James

More John Talk

Two Ten, Six Eighteen

Tijauna Jail

Intro of John

Ballad of the Quiet Fighter

Merry Minuet

Tom Dooley


Scotch and Soda

Where Have All the Flowers Gone

Still More John Talk

When the Saints Go Marching In


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