1967 Kingston Trio Concert


This is a real gem I recently received from an anonymous source. It's a concert at Georgia Tech, February, 1967, just months before the Trio split up. It's similar to the 1963 show I posted a while back, but the sound is a whole lot better. At least I think it is. I'm not sure if it's the entire concert, only because the last song is Scotch and Soda, and that wasn't usually the finale. Enjoy!


First half

Intro and Hard Ain't It Hard

Early Morning Rain


Tomorrow Is A Long Time

Shape of Things

Greenback Dollar

Thirsty Boots

Rovin' Gambler / This Train

Tom Dooley

I'm Going Home


Second half

One Too Many Mornings

John Hardy

Reuben James

Running Out of Tomorrows


Tijuana Jail

Where I'm Bound

Merry Minuet

Reverend Mr. Black


Where Have All the Flowers Gone

Scotch and Soda


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