Video Clips

(Unless otherwise noted, clips are of the Kingston Trio)

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Folk Legacy Trio Video Clips


The Folk Legacy Trio on Woodsongs, September 30, 2019

With Their Eyes On the Stars

George Grove, Bill Zorn and Bobby Haworth Show

The Kingston Trio TV 7-Up Commercials, stitched together into one video clip

The Kingston Trio - Live at Rockefellers, 1989 - Nick, Bob and George

Andy Williams Show, "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" and "Early Morning Rain"

February 26, 1967

Andy Williams Show, Kingston Trio's last TV appearance, and retirement announcement,

"A Worried Man" from Devil's Lake (circa 1975)

The Chad Mitchell Trio

On the Bell Telephone Hour, with Roger McGuinn

Dona, Dona, Dona, Hello Susan Brown , Whup Jamboree (all one clip)

The Charlie Card

The Kingston Trio at the inauguration of The Charlie Card, the new Boston MTA fare card, broadcast on CBS's Sunday Morning Show, Sunday, November 14, 2004.

The Chilly Winds

Folk Camp V and Manitou Springs Folk Festival

Frankie and Johnnie

Hard Travellin'

MTA - Jim Moran with John Stewart and Nick Reynolds

New Frontier

One More Town

Where I'm Bound



"Clack, clack, clack" John Stewart on Something Special, 1970

Dave Guard Interview

Dave Guard Trio "Hard Ain't it Hard"

Dave Guard Trio"Molly Dee"

Dave Guard Trio "Shady Grove/Lonesome Traveller"

Devil's Lake, "Merry Minuet"

Devil's Lake, "Reverend Mr. Black"

Dick Clark Show, "Tom Dooley"

Dinah Shore Chevy Show, "Strum, strum, strum" Show ensemble

Five Men With Banjos

"It's a banjo jam session with Steve Martin, Earl Scruggs, and the rest of the Men."

Video clip from the David Letterman show

Folk Music Reunion circa 1980: The First Time (Not the version from New Frontier!)

Folk Music Reunion circa 1980: Looking For the Sunshine

Gertrude Berg Show (1961)

Nick, Bob and John doing Going Away For To Leave You


Gordon Lightfoot

Short Video clip of Canadian Railroad Trilogy

Broadcast January 1, 1967

Hugh Downs, "Where Are They Now?"

Jack Benny Show, "I'm Going Home (California)"

Jack Benny Show, Interview, Nick, Bob and John

Jack Benny Show, "Tijuana Jail"

Jack Benny Show, Tijuana Jail comedy skit

Jack Benny Show, end

John Stewart on Something Special, 1970

Nashville Now, "Reverend Mr. Black"

Smothers Brothers Show, Medley

Steve Martin, Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Steve Martin, Banjo solo

The Groovy Show

John Stewart, Buffy Ford, Chris Darrow and Henry Diltz join Robert W. Morgan on The Groovy Show from October 30, 1969.

The Brothers Four

Rock Island Line

Run, Come See Jerusalem

The Orchestra

The Journeymen

Black Girl

Chase the Rising Sun



There's A Meeting Here Tonight "Lovers", Roger Gambill solo

There's A Meeting Here Tonight,"Georgia Stockade"

There's A Meeting Here Tonight, "Greenback Dollar"

There's A Meeting Here Tonight, "Scotch and Soda"

We Five, "You Let A Love Burn Out"

We Five, "You Were On My Mind"

What's My Line, Nick, Bob and John


October 2, 2019