The Way We Were, or Are

Rick Daly and the Villagers

Rick on banjo, Larry Brambrut on six-string and Jim Mancusi on tenor.

Rick Daly and the Briarmen 1964

Rick Daly and the Villagers 1965


Rick Daly and The Wayfarers

From Brian Quigley

Rosewood Bridge

Jim Dunnigan and Brian Quigley


Brian Quigley and the Dustmen

Left to right, Larry Linton, Russ Scinta, Brian Quigley and Liz Scinta


From Terry Collins

The Six Man Trio

Chris, Geoff, Terry, Jessie and Ray


From Dennis Ray


The Cumberland Trio, 2018

Tom Kilpatrick, Jerre Haskew, Dennis Ray


The Chilly Winds, 2018

John Birchler, Bruce Blazej and Dennis Ray

The Countrymen, 1963

Dennis Ray, Billy Edmonson and Steven Slagsvol


The Herald Trio, 1964

Dennis Ray, Ken Sizemore and Richard Carpenter


The Herald Trio, 1965

Ken Sizemore, John Logan and Dennis Ray

The Herald Trio with Fred Waring, 1966

Fred Waring, Richard Carpenter, John Logan and Dennis Ray

The Herald Trio on the Fred Waring Show, 1966

Dennis Ray, Richard Carpenter and John Logan


From Steve Harms

The Four Winds

Bill Wolfram, Steve Harms, Wally Kanak and Bob Reberger


From Bobby Haworth

The Kinsmen, 1963

John Eads and Bobby Haworth

From Father John Caparisos

Pete Polites and John Caparisos

Hear their music!

The Hitchhikers from Phildelphia, PA.

Left to right:

Carl (Wagoner Lad) Weigand, Ray Duffy, and Joe Passanante



From Glen Lees

The Talismen, based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, with me on banjo, circa 1961

My current group, possibly to be called the Melloclones, based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

From Jim Fix

The Other Brothers

Jim Fix is on the 64 Martin D-28 (still have it), and Tom Ferrell is on the Vega Longneck

From Bill Crider

Here's a picture of The Fabulous G-Strings. That's me on the right

From Tom Lamb

Here's a photo of The Detroit Villagers from 1964. We had been making money for a year and decided to invest some of it back into the group with new instruments. Namely, the 0018 the D28 and the Pete Seeger. It was all too fun and really some of the best times we ever had. From top to bottom Bob Gill, Gary Sullivan, Rick Bowen and (me) Tom Lamb.

From Jim Moran

Chilly Winds At FC4. L -R Jim Moran, John Birchler, Bruce Blazej

The Richland Trio, c. 1966, playing at The Old Salt Box in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.
L - R: Roy Gorman, Jim Moran, Jack Niemet

From Rob Smith

The Three Dashing Yahoos, early 90's, in Springfield, MO

Eric Black, Rob Smith, Chris Curtis

From Steve Cottrell

Brian Gordenev , John Stewart and Steve Cottrell, January, 2005

Steve's group, The Jamaicans, circa 1961

Brian Gordenev, Jon Driscoll and Steve Cottrell

From Mikey Burns

The Hard Travelers, winners of the 1965 All Army Talent Contest singing Tom Dooley and, of course, Hard Travelin'. Left to right, Tom Lehman from St Paul, MN, Jim Perry Jr. from Arlington, VA and Mikey Burns from Del Mar, CA.

Fantasy Camp V ... L to R is Art Faller, Mikey Burns and David Bezayiff.

From Terry Shields

Terry's current group, Jump In.

Bottom...... Paul Herzof on harmonica, Paul King on guitar
Top ...... Terry Shields on banjo, Hali Hammer on bass

From Rob Reider

Sometimes called The Angel Band, left to right, Dan McHugh, Rob Reider and Greg Amburgy.


From Kio, our friend in Japan

The first photo was taken circa 1967, The Reveries.
The second photo was taken about a month ago of
The Reveries with the same members except for the bass.
Name of the current photo are, L to R, Kiyoshi (Kio) Okubo,
Masayuki Takeishi, Kenji Ishikawa and Tsuneo Tahara.

From Mikey Burns

Here's little ol' me standing in with a group called Left Coast. Left to right Mikey Burns, Jerry Gontag on guitar and Tony Irvine on steel drum. This was taken at American Legion post 416, Encinitas, Ca. for our annual Jimmy Buffett a point of interest please note the painting behind us with the MIA/POW flag behind it. That was painted by Drew Cottril, one of our members, and he donated the artwork to the POW/MIA committee for the now famous flags! Cheers and aloha, mikey.


From John Duer

"Forty Years Later"

Left to right, are: Ed Walsh, John Duer, Frank Donahue, and Bill Maschal.

Check out their site at

Dick Trevathan's group, The Landsmen

Yes folks, these guys had a contract, a released single and an unreleased album!


From Jim Snow

"The Sidetrack Trio"

L-R Gary Nielsen, Jim Snow and Tom Florence

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January 31, 2018