George Grove's DVD

Banjo Arrangements of The Kingston Trio

Learn to play nine Kingston Trio songs on the banjo, just like George does. His philosophy is "keep it simple", and I can attest to the fact that he does just that. George takes you step by step through openings and banjo breaks of all of these tunes:

Tom Dooley


A Worried Man

Three Jolly Coachmen

Hard, Ain't It Hard

Corey, Corey

Early Morning Rain

Coast of California


Rolling River

So tune up your five-string, fire up the DVD player, and start learning the style that is uniquely

The Kingston Trio's

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George Grove

"In The Middle Of A Life"

A wonderful solo album by George Grove, of The Kingston Trio.

"Each of these songs represents a station along this journey in the middle of a life. They are neither male nor female exclusively, but personal to us all. Listen - and find yourself somewhere along the way" - George Grove, from the liner notes

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Easy To Arrange

Middle Of The Night

Slip Away


Longest Beer Of The Night

Streets Of London

Looking For The Sunshine

San Diego Serenade

Singing Every Inch Of The Way

One Sweet Reason


If I Ever Had To Say Goodbye To You

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